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Marisol and Snape Explain it All

It's like "Dear Abby", but better!!

I really protest to doing this. I don't enjoy this idea at all.

Sure you do, it's a great idea! People will love this!

I won't.

Oh, shut up. ::notices all the nice staring people:: Heh heh heh, hello! Welcome to Marisol and Snape Explain it All!

Why does your name get to be first?

Maybe this wasn't such a good idea... Oh well, I'm notorious for bad ideas. Anyway, Snape and I are here to answer your questions about the books, the movies, and this site.

Also, if Dear Abby and Ann Landers...


Nobody you would know. Anyway, if your wizarding question has received no reply, don't hesitate to give us that, too!

Those are the ones I'd be happy to answer.

Oh boy... Anyway, to send us your question, email us by using the button under the cute picture of me holding the Snape doll.

That's me?!? How did you manage to consider that a doll of me?

Uh... ::blushes:: ... just send us those questions!! ^_^;;

Last updated January 21 with one question and the addition of the Kiki Bell saga page

NOTE: Read the Submission Rules before sending us anything!!!

Snape and me... how cool would that be?

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Email me!

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