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Marisol and Snape Explain it All
Ze Questions and Answers

Dear Marisol and Snape,
A strange wizard with forget-me-not blue eyes and blond hair seems to be chasing me all over the place. I would like to know if you have any idea who this person might be and how I can get rid of him.


Dear Sammie,

Run. Very very fast.

Your stalker is none other than the amazingly annoying, persistant, pig-headed, stupid...

... evil brainless git...

...named... wait a minute.... evil? Evil?!? He's too stupid to be evil...

When someone makes the comment to the entire school that I would be happy to "whip up a love potion" for anyone, they can - and will - be classified as evil.

Oh. ::awkward pause:: Anyway, your stalker is none other than the (in)famous Gilderoy Lockhart, the well-known brainless git. As far as I knew, he still wasn't sure of his true identity, but was on roving status at St. Mungo's. As for a Lockhart repellent... um...

Pixies. Bright blue Cornish pixies. Have fun wreaking havoc.

(Note: Marisol and Snape does not usually endorse sabatoging anyone with pixies, but, you must admit, it's Gilderoy Lockhart, for crying out loud!)


Dear Marisol and Snape,
I just wanted to ask you if you could tell me what the spell is for disarming? I have forgotten.


Dear Anonymous,
The spell for Disarming is Expelliarmus! Just shout it and point with your wand.


My dad is in Canada. I've never seen him leave, I was wondering if he can Apperate? Can he??
Chris Matt

Dear Chris,
Well, first major question is... is your dad a wizard? If he's not, he's not Apparating. He's just leaving when you're not around.

If your dad is a wizard, he probably took the Apparation test. Passing it is another question, but most wizards with an ounce of ability can Apparate no problem.



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