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Harry Potter for Muggles


Arithmancy - Taught by Professor Vector, Arithmancy is the study of numbers to find out events, like Numerology. Arithmancy is Hermione's favourite class.

Astronomy - The only class taught at night, Astronomy is the study of stars and planets. It is taught by Professor Sinistra.

Care of Magical Creatures - This class teaches about magical creatures, from flobberworms to unicorns. At first, it was taught by Professor Kettleburn, but after he retired, Rubeus Hagrid got the job. With Hagrid teaching, it's a slightly dangerous class.

Charms - Charms is taught by Professor Flitwick, and there you learn, well, charms! Here you get to learn fun things like Cheering Charms! Summoning Charms! Banishing- well, you get the idea.

Defense Against the Dark Arts - Everyone's favourite! ::sigh:: Joking, joking. Defense Against the Dark Arts has the record of having the most teachers: 4. And counting. To this day: Professor Quirrell, Professor Lockhart, Professor Lupin, and Professor Moody. ::phew:: Actually, the class is pretty self-explanatory. Due to the constant stream of every-changing teachers, students aren't quite up to snuff on curriculum. However, when a good teacher comes around, most agree it is an entertaining subject.

Divination - Divination is the study of prediciting the future using crystal balls, tea leaves, the planets, etc. That might not be so bad, but the teacher, Professor Sibyll Trelawney makes the class seem like a fraud. The room is stifling hot, heavily scented with perfume, and filled with armchairs and poufs. Also, Professor Trelawney spends a lot of time predicting the death of Harry Potter. As Harry said, "..if I'd dropped dead every time she's told me I'm going to, I'd be a medical miracle."

Flying - Taken by first years, this class is given to open the minds of students to broomsticks. Though I'm not sure, I don't think this class is taken the entire year, especially because most students already know how to use a broomstick. The flying instructor is Madam Hooch.

Herbology - Herbology is taught at the greenhouses located on the Hogwarts grounds. The teacher is Professor Sprout, also the head of Hufflepuff House. Students are taught about the uses of plants and fungi, such as Mandrakes being used as restoratives, or Bubotubers being used for acne remover.

History of Magic - Most students find History of Magic extremely boring. It is taught by Professor Binns, the only teacher who's a ghost. Some people must find witch burnings and goblin rebellions interesting, but most just end up sleeping through the class.

Muggle Studies - The class which wizards take to improve their knowledge about Muggles, like learning about electricity. The easy way out for all those Muggle-born wizards!

Potions - Taught by Professor Severus Snape, head of Slytherin House, Potions is the study of potion-making. (Well, couldn't figure that out ^_^;) Many Gryffindors hate Potions, many Slytherins love it, simply because of a "slightly" Slytherin-biased teacher. Snape says to his students that they can learn to "bottle fame, brew glory, even stopper death..."

Study of Ancient Runes - Well, it's the Study of Ancient Runes. So far we haven't seen what these have been used for, but the uses might be found in later books.

Transfiguration - Taught by Professor Minerva McGonagall, she states that "transfiguration is some of the most complex and dangerous magic..." From turning beetles into buttons, to transfiguring hedgehogs into pincushions, Transfiguration is not a class you fool around in.