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Harry Potter for Muggles - Characters

Who begins with P?

Key: Last Name, First Name - Book first appears in. Short summary.

Padfoot - Book 3. Sirius Black's nickname in school.

Parkinson, Pansy - Book 1. Slytherin girl who acts like Draco Malfoy's girlfriend.

Patil, Padma - Book 4. Parvati's twin sister, in Ravenclaw.

Patil, Parvati - Book 1. Gryffindor girl in Harry's class.

Peeves - Book 1. A poltergeist who wreaks havoc on the school to annoy Filch.

Pettigrew, Peter - Book 3. James Potter's friend at school who later betrayed him to Voldemort.

Perkins - Book 2. Mr. Weasley's assistant.

Pigwidgeon - Book 4. Ron's tiny and over-enthusiastic owl.

Pince, Madam - Book 1. The school librarian.

Poliakoff - Book 4. Student at Durmstrang.

Polkiss, Piers - Book 1. One of Dudley's friends from school.

Pomfrey, Madam Poppy - Book 1. School nurse who always patches up kids and grumbles at teachers' mistakes.

Potter, Harry - Book 1. Main character. His parents were killed when he was young by the evil wizard, Lord Voldemort, who Harry defeated. Harry has a lightning shaped scar on his forehead to remind him of the event. He now goes to Hogwarts, where he is in Gryffindor, and is the Seeker for the Gryffindor Quidditch Team.

Potter, James - Book 1. Harry's father. Killed by Lord Voldemort.

Potter, Lily - Book 1. Harry's mother. Killed by Lord Voldemort while trying to protect Harry.

Prang, Ernie - Book 3. Driver of the Knight Bus.

Pringle, Apollyon - Book 4. The caretaker before Mr. Filch.

Prongs - Book 3. James Potter's nickname at school.

Pucey, Adrian - Book 1. Slytherin Chaser for the first two books.


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