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Harry Potter for Muggles - Characters

Who begins with C?

Key: Last Name, First Name - Book first appears in. Short summary.

Cadogan, Sir - Book 3. A portrait of a somewhat mental knight and his pony, who guarded Gryffindor Tower a bit in the third book.

Chang, Cho - Book 3. Seeker for the Ravenclaw Quidditch team, and Harry's crush.

Clearwater, Penelope - Book 2. Ravenclaw prefect, and Percy's girlfriend.

Connolly - Book 4. Beater for the Irish Quidditch team.

Crabbe - Book 4. Crabbe's father, a Death Eater.

Crabbe, Vincent - Book 1. One of Malfoy's huge bodyguards in Slytherin.

Creevey, Colin - Book 2. A Gryffindor one year younger than Harry. Hero-worships Harry to a terryfing degree.

Creevey, Dennis - Book 4. Colin's little brother, who also hero-worships Harry Potter.

Crockford, Doris - Book 1. Witch who kept shaking Harry's hand in the Leaky Cauldron.

Crookshanks - Book 3. Hermione's ginger-striped, bandy-legged cat.

Crouch, Jr., Bartemius - Book 4. Mr. Crouch's son, sent to Azkaban for being in association with Death Eaters.

Crouch, Sr., Bartemius - Book 4. Former Head of Magical Law Enforcement, shunted to Head of International Magical Cooperation.


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