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WARNING:: These reviews will contain spoilers, as in something that might ruin the movie for you. Therefore, if you don't want to destroy the experience of watching the movie, wait to read these reviews until you've gotten out of the movie theatres.
Once again, the review machine is up and running, waiting for your input!  The rules are simple, and the same as the last time.  Snape and I want you to write a review of the new movie, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets!
For guidelines, click on the link below that says "submissions".  Please be as faithful to this as possible, or I will have great pleasure in giving your review a failing grade.
Professor.... we aren't grading these....
Correction.  You aren't grading these.
I grade everything.
Okay... pay no attention to Snape, he's not really grading these.  If, after reading the submissions guidelines you are a little confused, there are reviews of last year's movie on the site.  Or, you can find a multitude of reivews online.
Have fun!

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