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And She Rants...

I have never been a fan of the "Harry Potter Personality Tests". They usually consist of "Hey! What house would you be in?" Now, I can figure out that if I had a choice, I would be a Slytherin. I mean, think about it! Cunning, slightly ambitious, slightly arrogant... that's me, right? However, most tests go about Slytherin in this way -- Slytherin=bad. Honestly, I went to one test where the only way the test would put you in Slytherin was if you liked to torture kittens and wanted to be the next Lord Voldemort. Now, although I do not enjoy kittens, I don't endorse their torture, and while I do want to take over the world (using the guidelines of a perfect Slytherin, Machiavelli), I do not wish to discriminate or act like a complete evil loser.

However, I found this test, which, based on questions you answer, likens you to a list of 15 characters (#1 being the one most like, #15 least like) and here are my spiffy answers...

1) Alastor Moody
2) Remus Lupin
3) Albus Dumbledore
4) Sirius Black
5) Lord Voldemort
6) Severus Snape
7) Gilderoy Lockhart
8) Fred/George Weasley
9) Rubeus Hagrid
10) Minerva McGonagall
11) Ron Weasley
12) Draco Malfoy
13) Harry Potter
14) Hermione Granger
15) Neville Longbottom

And, now, my comments....

On choice #1... Moody??? Seriously, I never even considered myself to be anything like him. (Of course, I have to consider that we really have never met the real Mad-Eye, we've just met Barty pretending to be him) Maybe it's just that I can't visualize myself with one leg and one eye, yelling at everyone "CONSTANT VIGILANCE!!!!" However, he was pretty cool, turning people into ferrets and all that. He's also pretty powerful, to be such a good Auror, and isn't afraid to speak his mind, so... maybe.... I wonder if he was a Slytherin....

Choice #2... Okay, I like this one. Lupin has always been one of my favorites. He has a strong mind, to deal with being a werewolf. He's also not the healthiest guy (lycanthropy does horrors to your constitution) which is me. He's kind, and smart, and values friendships. What a guy.

Choice #3... ??? Again, I have NEVER (and let me stress that NEVER part) associated myself with Dumbledore. He just doesn't seem me. Except he has a phoenix. That's cool. He also has this weird sense of humor that lots of people don't quite understand. He's also the mental cheerleader, telling everyone that they did good things... etc... so, maybe I am sort of like him, but not that much.

Choice #4... Black. What a great guy. My second favorite character. He's smart, funny, values his friends, has an overdeveloped sense of vengeance (your random Princess Bride quote of the day), and... he turns into a dog. That's always cool. He's also really open about his feelings, which is definitely me. I wonder if he gets the same weird looks I do?

Choice #5... Okay.... little worried about this one... Usually, one is not pleased when they are likened to Lord Voldemort.... Especially since Voldie doesn't seem so tough as everyone makes him out to be. For example, you can use the nickname Voldie. See what I mean? But, I mean, an eleven year old boy can take him on, people can do effective espionage against him.... I don't get it. Having Death Eaters would be cool though, it's always nice to have mindless minions to take over the world with...

Choice #6... Ah yes, we made it to Sevi. My favorite guy. His figure adorns my bookshelf. Although I do not approve of all of his teaching methods (blatant favoritism is not my cup of tea) he does have some admirable traits. His sarcastic side is quite nice, sort of like my own, and I must insist that there is much more to him than meets the eye. Anyone who thinks differently, go to and read J.L. Matthews' Slytherin Rising, R.J. Anderson's Darkness and Light trilogy (which actually has some quite interesting ideas about Mad-Eye Moody as well....) and Riley's Pawn to Queen. And for Snape's sense of humor, Sphinx's rendition of the Sorting hat song....

Choice #7... I'm sorry... LOCKHART?????????? I refuse to be likened to Kenneth Branaugh! I'm not that egotistical!!!!!

Choice #8... First of all, I think it's bad for the Weasley twins to be stuck together. They are separate people! I enjoy their mischievous side, and enjoy their antics. How will Book 6 survive without them?? (Well, I guess I should wait for Book 5, first...)

Choice #9... These start to get to the ones I am not like. I dare people: reply to this and tell me how I'm like Hagrid. Go on, I dare you! Although, I do think the stuffed Hagrid doll is sort of cute...

Choice #10... McGonagall? I never put my hair up, hate cats, and am not a strict person. Nope. Although, it would be nice to have the acting ability of Maggie Smith...

Choice #11... Ron is a clueless git. And I am not tall. Next, please.

Choice #12... Mr. Malfoy. I really detest Malfoy in the books, he's quite a scum bag. However, I do enjoy the Draco found in Cassie Claire's Draco Dormiens, Sinister, and Veritas on's Schnoogle section.

Choice #13... Harry Potter. Hmm.... Can't see this one... oh... wait... we both wear corrective lenses! Yes, that's it!!!

Choice #14... Hermione Granger. Honestly, I thought I would be more like her than they said I was.... I'm a bookworm, though I am definitely not as obsessed about homework. Definitely.

Choice #15... I totally agree. I am nothing like Neville.

Now, after reading this, if you want to try the test, you can find it here.

And, if you have another test for me to take or have taken this yourself and wish to comment, you can email me at

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Written on May 29, 2002

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