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Harry Potter for Muggles - Quidditch

Everything you need to know!

The Field

In a Quidditch stadium, the seats are raised around the field, so the people watching can actually be high enough to see what's going on. On either side of the field, there are three hoops on sticks, raised fifty feet up in the air. These hoops are like hoops in basketball, the players have to try to get the Quaffle (see Balls) in through the hoops.

Stadiums range in size. The Hogwarts field has hundreds of seats, while the stadium in which the Quidditch World Cup is played has hundreds of thousands of seats, including luxury boxes.

The Players

The Basics: 3 Chasers, 2 Beaters, 1 Keeper, 1 Seeker - Final Team of 7 players

Chaser - The meat of the Quidditch team. The Chasers score the main points of the game. Using the Quaffle (see Balls), the three Chasers pass the ball to one another to get the ball through the hoops (see Pitch) to score. Each pass through the hoops is 10 points.

Beater - The Beater is the guy who attacks things. There are two Beaters on each team. Using a bat, the Beaters chuck the Bludgers (see Balls) at people of the opposing team to knock them off their brooms.

Keeper - There is one Keeper per team. The Keeper guards the hoops (see Pitch) and tries to keep the Chasers from scoring, like a goalie in soccer or hockey.

Seeker - There is one Seeker on each team, but he could be called the most important player on a team. The Seeker's one job is to find the Golden Snitch (see Balls). Once a Seeker grabs the Snitch the game is over, and 150 points goes to the team that got the Snitch. The game cannot end until a Seeker catches the Snitch.

The Balls

Quaffle - The main ball in Quidditch. Looking like a big, red soccer ball, the Chasers (see Players) throw the ball around and try to get it through the goal posts (see Pitch). Each score through the posts is 10 points.

Bludgers - There are two of these in a game. Resembling black baseballs, the bludgers swerve around, trying to knock players of their brooms. The bludgers are beaten around by the Beaters (see Players), who try to direct the bludgers to knock the other teams players around.

The Golden Snitch - The most important ball in the game. The snitch is very small, golden, with little wings. The Snitch flies around the entire game, rarely being seen. It is the Seeker's (see Players) job to find this ball. Whichever teams' Seeker catches the Snitch recieves 150 points. Also, once the Snitch is caught, the game is over.



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