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The stuff here just doesn't fit anywhere else! (Note on side picture: No, that is NOT a real Harry Potter lego. That is a fake kind. The real HP lego comes out in October.)

Weirder than a fake Harry Potter lego!

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Wiccans find the proof that Harry Potter is not a matter of the occult. (Courtesy of Empire Online)

When scientists play April Fools jokes... (Courtesy of NASA)

A "review" for Harry Potter I almost 6 months before it opens...? Whip out your Sneakoscopes and take a peek... (Courtesy of Entertainment Rewired)

Why didn't anyone interview this guy before? The Trades lands a coveted interview with the one and only Professor Snape (courtesy of The Trades)

The comic strip Foxtrot tackles the war between Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings. (Courtesy of

Monsters Inc. has their say about Harry Potter dominating the box office. To find the right trailer, scroll down until you see the trailer marked "Charades". Then pick the one that suits you. (Courtesy of

The Harry Potter Ad Train! (courtesy of Dark Horizons)

Harry Potter movies take a whole new dimension with these hilarious parodies!

Who needs broomsticks? Russia invents Muggle Quidditch.